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Bailey witth tulips

Full Name: Bailey Champion Backyard Hole Digger
Title: Chief Varmint Repeller
Favorite Things: Relocating Tulip Bulbs, Chasing Squirrels, Digging in the compost pile
Dislikes: Cats with an attitude

Bailey as a pup

I definitely have the hardest job in the company. As corporate spokesdog and chief varmint repeller, I represent Gardens by Hilary 24 hours a day. It’s a big responsibility. And Hilary has been grooming me for this job since I was just a pup.

Like most landscaping kids, I grew up in the business. Some of my earliest memories are riding along in the big truck, helping Hilary come up with another beautiful design.

Since then, I have watered many a lawn.

Even today, you can depend on that same level of personal puppy service from me.

Just call and ask for a special visit from Bailey.

And remember, squirrel removal is free!

Hard working Bailey

Meet our newest employee, Chai-Lai, which means ‘beautiful’. ‘Chai’ was adopted from the APA.

Title: Director of Feng Shui and office morale.

Likes: Staging surprise overhead attacks on sales people who come by without an appointment, editing documents by walking across keyboards and disconnecting the phone from the wall without anybody knowing it.

Dislikes: Bailey and all dogs everywhere. Also, any office activity which keeps folks from rubbing his belly.


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