Management of the Certification Program

The Certification Board of Governors is comprised of nine outstanding leaders in the landscape contracting industry. These governors collectively represent a range of educational backgrounds and have sufficient years of experience to possess special expertise in landscape contracting to oversee the Certification program. The Certified Landscape Professional (CLP) examination was developed by PLANET in conjunction with the Professional Development Institute (PDI) to provide professional recognition to competent individuals who are engaged in the business of landscape contracting.

The Objectives of PLANET’s Certification Program are: 
• To raise the standards of the profession;
• To encourage self-assessment by offering guidelines for achievement;
• To identify persons with acceptable knowledge of principles and practices of the profession;
• To award recognition to those who have demonstrated a high level of competence in the profession;
• To improve performance within the profession by encouraging participation in a continuing program of professional development.

If you have questions, contact PLANET by phone, (800) 395-2522, or e-mail

The above information is reprinted from the PLANET website.